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The Firm List is the largest guide to web design and development firms from around the world, with more than 15,000 firms in over 185 countries. In addition to navigating the directory by geography, you can search The Firm List itself to find what you're looking for on The Firm List itself.
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Ever wish you could search just part of the world wide web? Google is great for searching everything, but there's a lot of clutter along with the gems. Since 1998, The Firm List has been reducing that clutter by providing a directory of web design and development firms organized geographically. The site continues to grow in size and popularity, but it's still just a directory and provides only a limited amount of information about a firm. To really see what a firm has to offer, you need to visit their website. But how can you use the focus provided by The Firm List to help explore those firms' sites? Google alone would loose the focus, but using Google's Custom Search technology, The Firm List's directory of web design firms, and the careful attention to weeding out remaining clutter, 2FND was born. When you enter a search on 2FND, you will be searching only the sites of web design firms. Whatever you're looking for, you'll have a helpful partner in your search, helping reduce the clutter.
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RESRC is a collection of new media resources for the web design community. Find associations, groups, recruiters, staffing agencies, training and other resources organized geographically. Searching RESRC allows you to search the resources as they are listed on RESRC but also search through Google all of those resources' websites.
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